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There are in Catalin Guguianu’s Works a fervour of the duct, a fastness of the movement, creating the impression that the painter did not want to lose anything of the original intensity of the artistic «breathing».

The transparency of the sign, his double nature – a material and a spiritual one – an expression of posessing the world through the geometry of the spirit, embodies the dominant thème of the new variants. We should notice that the sign concentrates here not only «the content of the form» but also «the form of the content», the graphical structure of the composition.

This way each sign is placed in the interest cone of the image, acting like the graphic and ideatic pivot of the whole. Besides at this level of Catalin Guguianu’s painting the Dionysian splendour of the palette doesn’t find a solution in pure sensuality but in a tension of expressionistic type. Almost allways theese compositions envolve a dramatic tendency.

There is a dialogue of colours that always compose a «story» of their own – outside every anecdote – they build up a kind of mistery of the graphical subject, the treatement of the colour layers being created with subtlety beyond the appearant spontaneity, the dialogue of the nuances, values and of the rhythm of the composition illuminating better the psychological message of the sign.

Catalin Guguianu presents a painting in which the «problematic» and the freshness of the artistic breeze are entwinned in the most happy way.

Mihai Ispir

Exista in lucrarile lui Catalin Guguianu o fervoare a ductului, o rapiditate a miscarii care-ti lasa impresia ca pictorul nu a vrut sa piarda nimic din intensitatea originala a « respiratiei » artistice.

Transparenta semnului, dubla sa natura, materiala si spirituala, expresie a luarii in posesie a lumii prin geometria spiritului, intruchipeaza tema dominanta a noilor variatiuni. Sa observam insa ca semnul nu condenseaza, aici, doar «continutul formei» ci si «forma continutului», structura plastica a compozitiei. Orice semn e plasat astfel in centrul de interes al imaginii actionind ca un pivot plastic si ideatic asupra intregului.

De altfel, in aceasta faza a lui Catalin Guguianu, fastul dionisiac al paletei, nu se rezolva in senzualitatea pura, ci intr-o tensiune de tip expresionist. Un sens dramatic se afla continut aproape intotdeauna in aceste compozitii.

Intrate in dialog, zonele de culoare compun, mereu, cite o «poveste» a lor, in afara oricarei anecdotici, tes un fel de mister al subiectului plastic, tratarea straturilor de culoare, regizata cu subtilitate, dincolo de spontaneitatea apparenta, dialogul tonurilor, valorilor si compozitiei ritmurilor, nu fac decit sa puna mai bine in lumina psihomania semnelor.

Catalin Guguianu prezinta o pictura in care «problematizarea» si prospetimea suflului artistic se ingemaneaza in chipul cel mai fericit.

Mihai Ispir